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Joel DuBois
MS Student

I am a M.S. student in Dr. Lord's lab studying the taxonomy of beetles, specifically the striking family of Buprestidae, or the jewel beetles. 


I graduated with my B.S. degree in entomology in 2022 from Oklahoma State University, where I had the opportunity to work in the K. C. Emerson Insect Museum to compile new state records of Buprestidae with the assistance of my advisor, Dr. Wyatt Hoback. Additionally, I had the chance to work in the Mesquite biocontrol lab at New Mexico State University in 2021 and 2022 with Dr. Kristen Bowers where I helped conduct native range surveys for potential control agents.


I joined the Lord Lab in 2022 to pursue my Master's degree studying the taxonomy of Buprestidae. My research will focus primarily on the hyper-diverse buprestid tribe Acmaeoderini, where I aim to conduct revisionary research on a group within this tribe.

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