Devon Brits

Ph.D. Student


I am a PhD student in Dr. Lord's lab focussed on Black Soldier fly, particularly their eyes.


I have a Masters in Black Soldier Fly mass rearing at Stellenbosch university where I looked at manipulating fly husbandry to improve yields of BSFL at industrial scales. I also have an undergraduate in Zoology and Entomology where I specialised in Taxonomy & Forensic Entomology at Rhodes University. I have 6 years of experience in the field of insect mass rearing and entomophagy working with companies such as AgriProtein, Khepri BioSciences and Fluker Farms where my focus was to improve mass production of entomophagous insects.


I decided to join Dr Lord's lab to start understanding more depth on the dynamics of insect senses. Eyes play an important role in mating and egg-laying in the adults of Black Soldier Fly and has been known to bottleneck production of this economically important insect for many producers worldwide. Therefore, our research will look to establish fundamentals in photosensory morphology, ecology and physiology in Black soldier fly over the coming years to open doors for more research and applied applications for the entomophagy industry.